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“We all know that vitamin supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet, but nobody’s perfect when it comes to healthful eating. It can be particularly challenging to get the nutrients you need if you’re dieting or if you avoid animal or dairy products.”

Foundational Nutrition

efl270H.jpgEssentials for Life offers the strongest nutritional foundation possible in a single 100% natural, whole food, full spectrum nutritional system. Designed to address every aspect of the body’s daily nutritional supplementation needs, Essentials for Life provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, friendly flora, and fat metabolizers for optimal health, energy, and vitality.

Six products in one

Think of Essentials for Life as “baseline” nutrition – when taken as directed, it has everything you need to build a solid nutritional foundation. And once you have that foundation in place, you can begin adding other products to customize for your own specific requirements. To create this “baseline” and cover each aspect of the body’s daily nutrition, Essentials for Life consists of six products, all combined into one easy, convenient system.


Each product in Essentials for Life is also available separately:

Food-based vitamins

ReGain120Re:Gain is an all-natural, food-based multivitamin formulated to deliver the nutrients your body for maintaining healthy cell function, overall health, and more energy. Re:Gain can provide the essential vitamins and nutrients that can be lacking in modern diets and over-processed foods.


Plant enzymes

ReAbsorb70Re:Absorb delivers all-natural plant enzymes to support proper digestion, vitality and overall health. The link between enzymes and digestion is essential to absorbing key nutrients in food and maintaining optimal health. Processed foods often lack key enzymes and the enzyme activity needed to help your body break down and absorb the nutrients it needs – that’s where Re:Absorb comes in.


Fat metabolizers


Re:Lease combines patented chromium and lipase enzymes to help the body effectively digest fat and convert fat stores for energy. Re:Lease includes a patented chromium source that’s proven to support healthy insulin function, minimize mood swings, and reduce food cravings.


Essential minerals


Re:Claim combines 10 essential minerals with CAeDS® in a unique balance designed to replenish mineral deficiencies in the diet. Processed foods, combined with a busy lifestyle, can contribute to a deficiency of the minerals that are critical to maintaining more energy, stamina, healthy organs, strong bones and healthy hair, skin and nails. Re:Claim helps put those missing minerals back.


Natural antioxidants

ReInforce120Re:Inforce with natural antioxidants and ingredients, including resveratrol, maritime pine bark extract, and grape seed extract, is formulated to help the body strengthen its own defenses against free radicals. Combat environmental toxins, stress, excess activity, and the free radicals they can create.


Healthy bacteria and flora


Re:Balance combines 12 strains of healthy bacteria, along with prebiotic FOS to support the body’s growth of probiotic flora, which improve the body’s digestion and elimination processes, suppressing harmful bacteria that may have entered the body.


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