Q: What is Green Technology?

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.42.59 AMA: Green Technology is an environmentally friendly technology that is developed and used in a way that protects the interests of the environment and is aimed at conserving natural resources. The importance of Green Technology in today’s world cannot be denied. When we consider the ways in which we have altered our environment, it becomes clear that something needs to be done quickly to reverse the adverse effects of human activity.

For those that hope to stay informed on the newest evolving technologies, Green Technology is absolutely the movement to pay attention to. The overarching goals of these technologies are to minimize the use of hazardous materials, while increasing energy efficiency.

Consumers and commercial entities alike have been expressing an interest in Green Technologies as of late. It’s a technology that’s been influencing industrial development for more time than most realize, as the harmful effects of greenhouse gases and global warming are really beginning to rear their ugly head. As more and more consumers and businesses become aware of this problem that’s been ignored and exacerbated for far too long, the significance of Green Technologies will only grow.

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