ClassicAir for Proven Effective Indoor Air Purification


ClassicAir for Proven Effective Indoor Air Purification


The Original “Thunderstorm In A Box”

ClassicAir Owner’s Manual

A classic air purifier, the ClassicAir is designed and built with long-standing, proven technology for a reliable, easy-to-adjust solution to indoor smoke and odors. Whether it’s smoke from cooking, tough to eliminate tobacco smoke, or just the odors they leave behind, the ClassicAir has the power to get the job done, leaving nothing but fresh-smelling, clear air where it’s needed.

This machine is truly the original set-it-and-forget-it ‘thunderstorm in a box’, producing a clean, fresh scent 24/7 with only regular scheduled maintenance and minimal adjustment needed to maintain effectiveness.

Benefits of ClassicAir

  • Quickly and effectively removes smoke from the air, including tobacco smoke
  • Acts as a powerful deodorizer to reduce or eliminate the toughest odors
  • Quiet operation for a non-intrusive solution
  • Low maintenance requiring no filters (uses a lint screen to help keep the interior of the unit free of dust and dirt and optional filtration is available)
  • Reproduces the clean, fresh scent of a thunderstorm


Simple and Effective Air Purification That Works

ClassicAir from Vollara offers an easy way to improve the indoor air quality in your home environment. Based on time-tested technologies, ClassicAir is the standard for simplicity and effectiveness in an air purifier.

  • Pulsating negative/positive ion field generation
  • Scalable ozone generation
  • Variable speed fan
  • Large coverage area
  • Simple “set and forget” adjustment

ClassicAir Specifications



360 mg/hr


Needlepoint ionization
RF pulse ionization
Scalable ozone

Power Usage

30 watts

Lint Screens & Filters

Optional prefilter
Optional pleated paper filter


Homes, offices, light industrial


3,000 ft²


Size 8′ wide x 11.75′ high x 9.75′ deep


19 lbs


3-year limited warranty